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Dana Briana

A passion to serve the women in her community and surroundings selflessly while continuously doing the necessary work internally to be the best woman she can be. 

Dana is a 26 year old with a vision. Born on the beautiful island of  Jamaica, raised in West Palm Beach, FL. 

She is a mother to two handsome boys.

The President/Founder of The Rebirth, Inc who's mission is to aid women in the community who are in different transitions of their lives to birth the best version of themselves at all cost.  

Aside from that, Dana is a voice. She has dedicated her life to helping others feel less broken. Her heart and passion is for women all ages.

The goal is to empower women to live whole and serve as a midwife standing in between the woman they are and the woman they desire to become. She desires to change the false narrative that women can't coexist and win together.   . 

Not only that, Dana is a brand in her own right. A powerhouse for God who has fully accepted the call on her life to serve, influence, and edify those she encounters along this journey called life.

Women That Pray is a ministry that was birthed out of pain but produced purpose. It fosters an environment for women to be free, revived, and rebirth in the presence of God.

She is ME, I am HER, I am Dana.Briana

I'm not here by choice

I'm here by obedience.

Dana Briana 

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