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Ajai J.

“Dana has influenced me, strengthened me, encouraged and empowered me, uplifted me, covered me, prayed with and for me & most importantly listened to me. She is a woman of faith, obedience and true transparency. God allowed Dana to step into my life at the beginning of a season that I hadn’t even known was beginning.  She has honestly been one of the major factors of my faith and obedience today. I don’t think it a coincidence that at a time where God needed me to dig deeper, he would send such a woman that has gone where I needed to go or would travel through these same valleys with me.  She allows the rest of us to pour into her as well. She has laughed with me, praised with me, cried with me and got me together when I needed to be reminded.  She’s about her Father’s business. To whom much is given, much is required and I am proud to say that I KNOW the woman that is diligently doing what she is asked and called to do. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her obedience to our Father in heaven. Running back into Dana wasn’t a luck of chance. It was meant for our good and I will be grateful to her until the end of time.”


Sami L.

"Dana has been such a positive empowering force in my life. She’s a constant reminder of the calmness and positivity that a woman should be filled with...all while being very transparent & real as a sister. I definitely don’t think there was any mistake in God’s plan in crossing our paths and the tightening of our bond. She’s always there for a good laugh and a listening ear and I can trust to receive, not just an emotional driven answer or solution but an honest & realistic one, keeping in mind that we’re all human. She’s an all around beautiful soul❤️"


Shavel W.

Dana is a very solid and grounded person. Whatever she sets in her mind and heart to accomplish, it

WILL get done! I have known Dana for years, and she has been a very influential being in my life. The

way she demonstrates strength, courage, and the ability to push through obstacles is beyond inspiring.

By having many emotional and insightful conversations with Dana, I have learned and understood

rational decision making and how imperative it is to not move when one’s judgment is clouded. Dana

has made a significant impact on my life, especially as it relates to my spiritual well-being. Her words of

encouragement and wisdom are a reflection of the love of God, and she speaks from a heart that is filled

with knowledge, concern, and the desire to see people grow.


Ericka W.

Dana has empowered me to keep going despite how I may feel. In her words from one of her videos, “what we’re going through comes with an expiration date.” In my life, she has definitely helped me find my more positive self again & has given me the push to keep it up this time because I have so much more life to live, not only as a mother, but as a woman. I am forever thankful for having her step into my life at the right time 💕


Shameila Watson

Dana have influenced and empowered me in many ways ! Encouraging me to always remain positive throughout any circumstance that may come my way. Inspiring me to pray more, and making it a focus of mine to build a stronger relationship with God. Always being non judge mental and honest. She inspires me to think in a more positive light and continue to strive for success. Be great, see good in others and learn it’s okay to forgive . I admire her strength and loving heart. She has taught me it’s okay to let go and let God . There aren’t many people like her at all.


Allison O.

As Dana’s mentor, my role was to lead, guide, and mentor her. While that did happen over the past year and a half, Dana has taught me a lot during this time that I never knew I needed to learn. I’ve always been a believer but there were a few times that I was lacking faith when I needed it the most. Dana’s spirit, her faith, and her determination has inspired me that even when I want to quit, I need to pray and persevere. Our relationship has taught me patience, that I often do not have, and to be more understanding. Although, I thought I was all of these things- God used Dana to teach me better. I am forever grateful to be her mentor and for knowing and loving her and her sweet boy, TJ.

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