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Booking Dana.Briana


We are honored that you would consider Dana.Briana to Empower at your next Women's event or Social. 

Dana takes every assignment seriously and partners with God to make sure it is everything it should be and more. 

Her assignment in life is not to impress women but to restore a generation of women who are desperately crying out for help, guidence, and support.  

Through the many transitions in Dana Briana's life they all served one purpose, and that is to continuously cause her to give birth to a more fearless, confident, impactful, and servant to women. She takes all the lessons, all the pain and discomfort and turn it into wisdom to reach the women attached to her hand. 

Take a moment to complete the form below as detailed as possible if you would like to book her fo an upcoming event:

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  • or any Women Empowerment Related function

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