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Hello my name is Purpose

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

I am going to try and not make this post too long lol

However I am excited to share with you this experience I recently had. Lets get right into it...

Backstory: I felt God calling me to a fast because of the new changes that were getting ready to happen. 1. I was starting a new job, 2. my son was starting a new school, 3. I had been feeling like I wasn't praying enough or reading the Bible enough.

So reluctantly, I started my fast (July 15th). I say reluctantly because I really didn't feel like bringing my mind in to be committed or dedicated to ANYTHING. I was so lazy but my obedience has literally been on 100. Whatever he says do, I do! PERIOD. So the story begins...

I wasn't sure what to study on this fast so I prayed and asked God to show me what he wanted me to study. Sure enough, I was cleaning up my little office area and found a book which titled "The Esther Anointing". Now, I was given this book about a year and a half ago by a random lady I met in the nail salon. I always said I wanted to read it but never did so this is the perfect timing. I have tried to read the book of Esther in the Bible but could never understand it or get revelation/understanding from it so I was excited to read this book.

** Let me just say that fasting will really allow you to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and Gods leading. It's amazing just how focused you are on Him and the things of Him. I believe if I was disobedient to the call to fast, none of the things I will mention would have happened.**

As I'm reading the book I start to personally identify with Esther. If you do not know her story or have a understanding of it I encourage you to read a study of her story. The favor that was on her life and the fact that she didn't have a pretty upbringing but still destined for greatness, and being so YOUNG but advanced for her time. It was speaking directly to me. God then began to really deal with me about my purpose and what he has in store for me, and how I am getting ready to walk into the woman I was created to be.

I will be honest and say I struggled to really find what is it that God was calling me to do on this earth, I was always unsure. Even when I had an idea there was still no real confirmation.

Before I started my fast I saw a post on instagram that a lady (by the name of Dr. Meme Brown) I follow was going to be in the Dallas area (Saturday July 20th) hosting a tour called "Not Your Average Chick" where she challenges women to be everything BUT average. I made up in my mind that I was going to attend the event, after all it would be a great ending to such an awesome week.

On my way to the event, I get pulled over, the officer said I was going 86mph and the speed limit was 75. I was sooooooooooo mad because I wasn't going 86mph I was going 82mph. Anyway, I had to realize that was nobody but the devil trying to frustrate me and find a way to detour me from going to this event. So I quickly got myself together.

I arrived at the venue, I walked in and it was so colorful and nice. It was a bunch of beautiful women everywhere, hair slayed, face beat, different shapes, sizes, all excited to be there together. I sat down and remembered feeling a overwhelming sense of purpose. Its like I could see myself doing this and feeling so fulfilled by it. I kind of got emotional because I felt like for the first time in a long time I felt God really giving me insight on where he's talking me.

The event starts and the MC finds out that I drove all the way from Temple, Texas (2 hours) to be there and Dr. Meme was soo appreciative. We are singing, dancing, worshiping, the spirit is high at this point and Dr. Meme comes over to me. I could tell she was hearing from God because she was slow to speak, almost as if God was downloading what she was suppose to say. Mind you I am anxious because I've been fasting the entire week and my spirit is soo sensitive I just knew God was about to show out.

** For those of you who fast you know that once you get to a point in your fast you begin to pick up on things very easily, God speaks to you and you can hear clearly, its just a intense sensitivity to his Spirit**

The first thing she said to me was God reminded her of how she was getting ready to come to the event that morning and she didn't know how to start her husbands car. She was putting the keys where you would normally put it to get the car to start but nothing was there. She looked down by the gear shift and the push to start button was there. God used this analogy and her experience so she would know how to minister to me.


She said, "God is going to ignite you in a way that people will least expect, he's going to go against the norm, and he's going to use you in a new way."

** Now this is what blew me**

She said "I keep hearing Esther, Esther, Esther" (y'all I literally lost it lol)

here's why: Remember I said God had me studying the story of Esther and her life my entire fast, and how he had been reveling things to me through her story. Now for a complete stranger to come and speak the same exact things that God spoke to me is crazy. I wasn't even expecting that.

A lot of times I second guess myself and I'm not confident in my gifts, I doubt myself because I never want to think I'm hearing from God and it's really just me thinking things on my own. So when she said Esther I knew it was God himself confirming everything to me, letting me know that I am not crazy or doing anything in vain. He reassuring me that I KNOW without a doubt his voice when he's speaking. She even told me to stop doubting the gifts I have and to be confident in the woman that God created me to be.


Lets reflect for a second:

1. God told me to fast and pray (obedience better than a sacrafice)

2. During this time I received revelation and insight of my purpose through Esther's story.

3. Drove 2 hours away believing that I will have an encounter with God only for him to confirm my whole life.!

Guys, we have to get into a place where we are in the right position. No distractions, no pity party, no room for slow-fulness or laziness. It was so much easier to be lead AND to follow when I positioned myself.

For example, on this fast God told me a list of people to pray for, one of them being a Pastor that I know. He gave me a word to tell her and immediately here comes the devil.

"Who are you to tell a pastor anything about what God says, she's knows him better than you. You don't even have the access to do that. She isn't even going to acknowledge you and if she does she will question your credibility."

Would you believe the pastor had been waiting on a word from God to clear up the doubt she was experiencing AT THAT VERY MOMENT WHEN I TEXTED HER. She received EVERY word. God used little ol me to do his work. I always tell myself what you won't do, someone else will. God will try to get you to follow his path but for so long before he moves on to the next. So why not be the one to say yes, I'll be the one to intentionally be available for his use. People depend on your obedience and your willingness to do what you are suppose to do.

I left that event feeling like something inside of me had finally unlocked, it was almost as if I got a green light and a voice said "Go"

"All gas, NO breaks"

Don't wait, people are waiting for you to go, so they can go. People are watching you waiting for you to go higher so they can partner with you. People are waiting to connect there ideas with your ideas and create a new movement. What would happen if you miss opportunities, and doors start to close because you are too afraid to chase after your purpose. Or worse, you miss out on an entire season of your life and have to wait years to try again. If you are anything like me you will find yourself wishing you would have done what it took (the first go around) to go to the next level or end up watching people do the things you know you have been called to.

I finally feel in the depths of my heart and soul that purpose finally has made a proper introduction " Hello, my name is Purpose" and I have finally answered her call.

Today I speak life to you !

I declare success, prosperity, longevity, and consistency in whatever you are purposed to do. I pray God gives you a sign of clarity on what you should be doing now. And if you know what your purpose is I pray you will get a burning desire to go harder than you ever have before. That he gives you the confidence and grace to get through the process. Your mind will get with the program for the plans God has for you. I speak open doors, partnerships, investors, opportunities, favor, health and wealth over you. Every mountain be moved, every trap be closed, every arrow be broken, and that every hint of fear will flee. Everything you put your hands to will flourish. Your small beginning will grow faster than you can imagine. May something unlock in you today that will release an "All gas NO breaks" mentality for the rest of the year and the year to come. Failure isn't an option for you.




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