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The Re-birth of Dana.Briana (Part II)

There is something inside every person that has to be fulfilled. It’s called purpose (the reason we exist). It’s your destiny (the place you have to reach). Everything we’ve been through and endured comes together and serves a purpose. A lot of the things I have experienced and are currently experiencing are tied to being a woman.

So today I really had to ask myself…. Why am I going through this storm? What’s the reason?

It became so clear….

“Dana you are called to women, women of all colors, shapes, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Your life experiences have to resemble some of what women face and deal with in this life. It’s what makes you credible, it’s what makes people listen to your story and want to know how they can survive through there storm. They want to know what practical things you have done. How exactly did you overcome? Do you really know how I feel or what it’s like to walk on this less traveled road I’m on? These are the things these woman want to know." - God

When you are called to something you have to endure so many thins. The challenges we encounter aren’t just to learn a lesson. It’s more so to qualify you, and add to your credibility for what or who’s to come.

“I’m going through so someone else doesn’t have to"


I have to go through my trenches and tests so others can have an example, a guide. It’s funny because I prayed for this. I use to ask God to make me the example! Little did I know what that would really look like. I had no clue I was asking to suffer, and endure things others are facing too. Others will know through your story and your obstacles that it is possible to come out victorious. I’m going first so I can go back and help deliver a generation of woman who believe staying with a man that is manipulative and controlling is love. For a generation of woman who believes they can never reinvent themselves to be something better, stronger, and wiser as a result of the humiliation and shame they face. For a generation of woman to be delivered out of bondage, captivity, and fear so they can birth something big, beautiful, and life changing.

I am totally convinced that there is a group of people hand picked and chosen to go BERFORE the rest. As Apostle Regina Martin calls them….. FORERUNNERS. Ones who will say I’ll go, I’ll be the one to sacrifice all that I am to see others live, ones who have the obedience to follow what Gods tells them at all cost, ones who are committed to something bigger and greater than themselves.

Say this: "I can not die before I live."

- Dana.Briana

I speak to everyone reading this, that you will not die, give up, nor run away, until you live. The enemy can't put an end to what he didn't begin. You will not forfiet your destiny before you have arrived. I declare that your gifts, talents, ideas and uniqueness will not die before it gets a chance to live, grow, thrive, flourish, and reap.

I literally feel like dying, like everything around me is crumbling. I feel like the vision I once had is slowly fading away. That its unattainable. I feel my worth has diminished significantly because I can't make sense out of my current situation. The more I believe in myself the more push back I get. Every time I think I've finally made it to a good place, a safe place, I have to go through yet another test, storm and process that proves I'm still not the best version of myself. I'm still not ready, Im still not a finish product. Sigh

So here I go again... re-birthing: giving life to yet a better version of me. See, what I am learning is, this thing is continuous. it happens again and again and you really have no choice but to strap in and go on this ride.

I can only imagine what this version of me will look and sound like. RIP to this version, brace yourself for the next version.

The Re-birth of Dana.Briana Part II

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