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The Re.Birth
Coaching Program

Why do you need a self development Coach?

Simply because you were not created to do it alone. Imagine going into labor and having to deliver what you have carried for 9 months ALONE. No one to assist you through the process, coach you on what to do, give you techniques to help cope with the pain that comes with PUSHING, calm your fears, reassure and affirm you every step of the way that you WILL give birth and they aren't living you until you do. You are developing as life progresses and I am here to midwife you through your transitions in order to bring forth transformation.Ultimately giving birth to the version of you needed to step into your next level as a woman.

Who is this coaching program for?

This program is designed for the woman that has been carrying too long! You are overdue and ready to give birth to the version of you that desires more out of your life. One who is ready to labor& push! What does that mean? Ready to work, put in the time and energy to yield different results, commit to the process and not abort mission because of fear, limiting beliefs, or unpopular opinions.

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Aliyah J.

Going through the coaching program was nourishing! Dana.Briana equipped me with the tools to learn how to nurture my future self. Not only was I able to visualize and speak over who I was called to be, I learned how to position and prepare myself for it. The partnership between God, her, and I allowed me to produce a greater and more peaceful version of myself. I wouldn’t have realized that I’m equipped to become the same woman I’ve desired if I didn’t join coaching.


Xiomara, T

The Rebirth coaching service has been invaluable. Dana helped me consider where I lack in boundaries and encouraged me to think of boundaries as a safety net for myself. The HER sheet is my favorite because it allowed me to really visualize the woman I will become and manifest through meditation. If I didn’t sign up for coaching, I honestly would have still been struggling with my goals and sitting on a lot of things. I’m so thankful for Dana and the service she provides & I’m so Glad she found your calling!


Aris J.

Working with Dana and entering into the Rebirth process has been inspirational. Dana walks along side of you, motivating and pushing you to meet no ones else expectations of you , just your own. After pulling out of you what those expectations and goals are. Allowing you to determine for your self what your yes is, your no is, your boundaries, your strengths and every powerful attribute you want for your self and challenging you to STAND ON IT! Be About It! Silencing the negativity and negative self talk. Speaking into me and pouring into me what I consistently pour out but neglected to pour into myself. Working with Dana was a reminder that I can be my own best friend in the sense of catering to me and what I want and need. Not allowing that part of me to go unfed as I wear many hats and take up many roles!! 

Benefits of Coaching With Dana. Briana 

Coaching Calls Now Available 

One on One Coaching Call Request
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